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Ballin Paris Sweatshirt: Brian Lichtenberg, more colors. Holographic Jeans: CAR MAR, similar.
Shoes: Rachel by Rachel Roy. Bag: Olivia & Joy c/o. Carry-on: Mattel. Shades: Kate Spade.
Bracelets: Jami c/o, Oia Jules c/o, BCBG Max Azria, giftshop.

Barbie Girl

When I was a little girl I wasn’t allowed to play with Barbies. I swear to the shoe gods, when I would go to play at a friend’s house, they would have to hide and put away all their Barbies. My mom’s logic apparently was that she didn’t want me to have a skewed perception of what beauty was. You see, my father kind of… how should I say this, “grew into his looks” and became handsome like in his mid to late thirties. Imagine Napoleon Dynamite… that was my father, so I guess my mom didn’t think she’d have very good looking kids, and didn’t want us to have low self esteem. Anyway, can you imagine trying to keep me away from Barbies? Every trip to K-mart, guess where I’d disappear to? My mom wouldn’t even panic, she’d just make her way to the Barbie isle and pick me up. But I’ve always been that girl who gets what she wants. So, finally when I was like 9, my mom got tired of saying no, my dad started to become good looking and mom decided I was probably going to be okay as far as self esteem goes, so I got my first Barbie (she was a ballerina and she was appropriately named the “My First Barbie”). I’ve been making up for lost time ever since.

I wore this outfit on my flight home to visit family, and I might as well have had 3 eyeballs with some of the looks I got. I thought of it as jeans, a sweatshirt, and heels, but i forgot I was decked out in holographic pants, pink, purple, and generally resembled a real life Barbie (remember I was a brunette 6 months ago, I’m not used to this again yet.) Anyway, I’m loving this sweatshirt and the whole series. When I wore these pants here and here it was hard to see in the photos how intense the hologram is, but they really are a lot more intense in person, so I’m glad I got a photo that shows a little bit of their real glimmer.

P.S. I am the luckiest girl in the world-  I asked my boyfriend to be my “Ken” when I went as Barbie for Halloween a few years ago, and he was an amazing sport. We even won 3rd place in Drai’s costume contest!

barbie halloween costume

Dress: Forever 21. Shoes Bordello. Shawl: DIY. Lunch Pail: Mattel. Earrings & Wig: unknown.

The winer of my Oia Jules Giveaway is Heather S. for liking Oia Jules on Facebook. Congrats!

With love from Hollywood,
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  1. You look gorgeous and that costume is amazing! I cannot believe you only got 3rd?! What was the first place costume?

  2. Oh my goodness this is amazing….
    I was at Drais when you were barbie and I had no idea being recent blog reader of yours that this was you!
    My friends and I all loved your costume.

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