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Add A Brooch:

If there is one single trick I use consistantly to change a look it’s simply to add a brooch. I love how cinching this dress and adding a sparkly Chanel brooch makes for a totaly different, sexier vibe. The Navy blazer helps to keep this look chic and the velvet shoes are a fun way to play with the summer velet trend and not sweat to death in South Florida. I added a silver clutch but I think a small satchel would also be perfect!

Now, can we talk about this sparkly belt? I feel like Ive seen this before, maybe in one of the costume stores on Hollywood Blvd. Being me, I am attracted to anything sparkly but honestly I never would have bought this. I saw it as more of a novelty item, something to have just to have. This belt was Jacques’ mothers, a woman after my own heart. Since it was a gift, I was excited to have it but I wasn’t sure if I’d ever actually wear it. When I added it to this look though, it just fit. I can’t believe how wearable it actually is and I’m looking forward to the challenge of styling it.

I was thinking about doing a post on my first week at Cosmo school, would you all enjoy that? Let me know!

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Dress: Soprano. Blazer: Forever 21, old. Shoes: Chinese Laundry.
Brooch: Chanel. Belt: Vintage, similar. Bag: Vintage.
Hair: Bellami Ash Blonde Custom Lowlighted
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