Weekend Getaway: Monterey with my Family

Last week Roger and I took the Amtrak up to Monterey county to visit family for a little weekend getaway.. during the week lol. Taking the train was really nice, it’s not luxurious, but it’s a lot more relaxing than driving and we got a sleeper car so our meals were included and we got to hang out in the parlor car, do wine tasting and get some work done. I really really enjoyed the train, it’s so much better than a 5 hour drive especially when you own an economy car that’s really not build for long trips. For such a short trip we packed light, Roger used his new duffle by Owen and Fred with a customized luggage tag.

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With love from Hollywood,

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Dress: Zara. Blazer: Forever 21. Duffle: Owen & Fred, c/o.
Sandals: Restricted. Scarf: Abercraombie & Fitch.

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  1. I love this sort of preppy outfit (: I’ve only taken the Amtrak once, from Orange County to Santa Barbara, and I agree, it is much better than a long car trip!


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