I want that… A Gift Guide 2016

gift guide 2016
The Gift Guide 2016 Volume I

The regularly scheduled “I want that” post is interrupted for a gift guide this week. It’s the giving season but I know I’m not the only one who is guilty of shopping for myself while I’m supposed to be gift shopping, so if you’re like me, here are some awesome things I want that your loved ones are sure to want as well!

The Round Towel: The round towel is super trendy lately which makes it a perfect gift for any beach babe, travel bug or social media maven.

The Instant Camera: I personally have this camera in the color Radiant Orchid and I use it a lot. I took photos at my cousin’s wedding and gave them to her with a gift card and she absolutely loved it. It’s a fun way to capture the moment and not be staring at your phone while doing it! If you’re getting it for a teen though, I suggest stocking them with a few packs of film, because it’s not cheap, but it’s more affordable on Amazon than in-store!

The Scented Candle: I personally LOVE this scented candle. I think it smells amazing, looks amazing, and it’s a pretty safe gift for anyone. It’s non-offensive in every way and it’s not cheap but not crazy expensive. It’s appropriate for a mother-in-law, intern, best friend, babysitter or a co-worker alike.

The Universal adapter and Reversible Charging Tote: These two items are perfect for the girl on the go. Maybe she travels for work, or maybe she travels for fun but she needs power. This reversible tote will not only save space in her luggage because she’ll bring one less bag, but it also charges her phone while she’s on the go. Not flying first class? No charger at her seat? Taking a cross-country train tour? Overnight layover and all the outlets are guarded? This tote is not only chic but functional AF, it’s a no-brainer. The adapter is something I always end up buying over and over because I lose it, but this cute colorful style is just what I need to keep my eye on it!

The Cutesy Mug: All my friends are social media obsessed and they don’t have coffee in the morning without a photo of it. But they do have coffee every morning… yeah, that’s a lot of Instagrams.. Make their morning ritual a little more fun and make them think of you!

The Glam Yoga Mat and Chakra Cleansers: These are perfect for either type of yogi… You may know one who does yoga to fit in with her friends or to be trendy, she probably lives in LA or NYC. Or maybe she just doesn’t fit in with the people around her and yoga is her escape, she is a glamazon in a drab jungle… This gold yoga mat is perfect for either of those women. If your yogi is a free spirit who wears crystal deodorant and chants while burning incense, you may consider these essential oils by Aveda. I love gifts like these because they’re super thoughtful and items people would probably not buy for themselves. (I’d love the gold yoga mat for anyone listening…)

The Wine Accessories: Whether your wino is a red or white drinker I have a gift idea for them! I love red wine so these wine wipes are a life saver! They have no taste so they don’t mess with the flavor of the wine or your tastebuds, they’re totally flat so you can fit them in the smallest of clutches and the best part is that they totally work! Say goodbye to wine lips and teeth! Anyone can appreciate that gift! The wine pearls are perfect for the white wine drinker, they are pretty and they keep your white or rosé wine chilled perfectly without watering it down!

The Earrings and Umbrella: Both affordable and chic, these gifts are perfect for someone you care for but just can’t spend a lot on. I know my girlfriends would both love either of these gifts, not to mention any gal who lives in Seattle… The Studs are a classy gift for a friend who deserves the world but you can only afford these, they’re super versatile, basically the LBD of jewelry and I don’t know anyone who couldn’t use a pair or, another pair.

Thanks so much for reading!



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