Veuve Cliquot Carnaval

Cliquot Style
Veuve Cliquot Carnaval:

A few weeks ago Jacques and I attended the Veuve Cliquot Carnaval in Miami. It was our first time attending the anual bash and we had a blast. Jacques and I ran into fello bloggers Carolina Lindo of I’m Not Sorry Darling, Val from The Urban Gal, and a few others. Together we sipped and mingled stopping for photo-ops along the way. After enjoying the talented Carnaval dancer’s show, our group polished off a few bottles of Veuve Rosé and sampled their new Veuve RICH cocktail.

Veuve Cliquot RICH:

“In the history of Champagne, wines that were blended for greater sweetness were customarily described as “rich”. Even the 1840s bottles of Veuve Clicquot found recently in the Aland Islands have over 150 grams per liter of sugar. Today Veuve Clicquot propels this tradition into the contemporary era with RICH, a champagne dedicated to mixology.

Bringing a cocktail spirit to a house already known for audacity and innovation, Veuve Clicquot RICH is an invitation to en-RICH the tasting experience with a so-Clicquot twist. From mountains to oceans, rooftops to canyons, winter or summer, day or night, Veuve Clicquot RICH is perfect anyway, anywhere and anytime.” – Veuve

The Party:

If you live in a city which hosts a Veuve Cliquot event like this Carnaval or the Polo Classic in New York or Los Angeles, I highly recommend you attend. Besides the fabulous entertainment and notorious #cliquotstyle the champagne is crisp and the glamour is unmatched. The vibe transcends one back to a time when everyone dressed up but the decor is imagined for modern day instagramming. Every detail was perfect and there were enough gorgeous backdrops to take photos with that nobody had to wait too long and could just enjoy their day instead of stressing over the “perfect post”. The flower wall below was my favorite but there were so many gorgeous versions.

Bravo Veuve! Thank you for bringing style, culture, music, glamour and champagne together for a day I won’t soon forget.


Dress: Amazon. Shades: Alice and Olivia.
Shoes: Aldo, Amazon. Earrings and bag: Chanel.
Bracelet: Hermès. Necklace: Amazon.
Hair: Bellami Butter Blonde Boo-Gatti
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