The Most Dietetic Alcohol Drinks

The Most dietetic alcohol drinks
The most Dietetic Alcohol Drinks:

Since it’s a long weekend and most people will be drinking a lot, this post couldn’t come at a more perfect time. It seems like every American holiday is an excuse to get wasted, (even if it’s supposed to be meaningful) yet so is every weekend so… Anyway, I work hard at the gym and I want to play hard too. There are some beverages that are less terrible than others so I wanted to share what I drink when I go out as to not ruin all my hard work. The most dietetic alcohol drinks are easy to get and will help you stay on track, as long as you know what to ask for. Here we go!

Be a Wine-o:

The “healthiest” drink is red wine as it has antioxidants and proanthocyanidins which may reduce oxidative damage in the body. Red wine can also lower bad cholesterol. Red wine can also keep blood vessels flexible and reduce unwanted clotting almost as well as aspirin. (more about the health benefits of red wine here) But red wine can also have sugar so look for dryer wines with normal alcohol content. Wines with high alcohol content usually have more calories.

If you don’t love red wine you can have rosé rather than white. Rosé is made from red grapes but the skins are removed before they completely dye the wine red. The wine is left a soft rose color, hence the name. Many of the “healthy” parts of red wine are from the skin so you don’t get as much of a health boost. But you’ll likely have much less sugar than if you were to have white wine.

Skip the sugar

I skip sugary mixers. If I have anything mixed into my drink its water, soda water, and/or citrus juice. If you have a sweet tooth just add stevia to your drink. I always keep a few in my makeup bag (I like PureVia from Costco). If you like cocktails just ask your bartender to skip the simple syrup and add your own stevia. I did this with every margarita I had in Mexico and I wasn’t even shy about it!

Another great drink is Peach Ciroc and soda as it has no sugar but is very sweet. I’m not sure what it’s sweetened with, but it sure is tasty! (please let me know if you can find the ingredients list!) Unlike most vodka, Ciroc is made from grapes so it’s gluten free. (I like water sometimes more than soda water because the bubbles can make you bloat and look bigger.) Also, make sure you never mix with tonic water, many people believe it has no sugar like soda, but it’s actually almost as bad as a can of coke!


High-quality tequila is also a good option for drinks as it has avagins. Avagins are a kind of sugar that doesn’t spike your blood sugar and also stimulates your metabolism. Tequila is also a probiotic which we’ve talked about and a prebiotic which sets up the habitat for good bacteria to live. You need to make sure you don’t overdo it, and you’re drinking top shelf liquor. Anejo Tequila is the healthier and in my opinion tastier alternative to Blanco Tequila which is lower quality and just turns into sugar. I like to get tequila, soda, and lime juice and I add my own stevia, it’s so good and way less guilt. (More about tequila here.)

Thank you for reading!

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