The Big Shopbob SALE!

ShopBop Sale
The Big Shopbob SALE!

Well, it’s arrived, the big SALE at Shopbop. I’ve been a fan and shopper of ShopBop for years. I love the style of items they carry, there are a lot of things which fit into my style perfectly- classic with a twist! Since watching The True Cost on Netflix about the social and ecological impact caused by fast fashion I have decided to cut down my consumption as much as possible while remaining realistic. I’m giving myself a 20/80 budget- attempting to shop 80% sustainable or second hand and allowing 20% new. And, with the new items, I’m trying to be conscious about how often I will wear them to be able to avoid buying things for no reason that I won’t wear.

A few of the items I picked up from the sale are pieces I believe will be tougher or impossible to buy sustainable/secondhand as well as items I will get a lot of use out of. The math suggests that a fast-fashion item will need to be worn at least 30 times to offset the negative impact it has had on earth during production.

These faux leather leggings  (also in petite) have been recommended to me by SEVERAL other bloggers. Apparently, they are life-changing and sell out fast. I also picked up these rings and this pair of earrings as a gift. I hope you like the other pieces I found for you below!

Happy Shopping!

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