Solar Eclipse

Total Eclipse:

Hi Yall! Are you so excited for this solar eclipse? You may know that I am from Goldendale, Washington. Well, Goldendale is super close to where it will be 100% visible, in fact, I think it is right in the path. What is amazing about Goldendale is that there is really nothing close. When people ask me what it’s near, I’m like, “nothing” the closest mall is about 70 miles away. The lack of cities nearby make it a dark zone at night with no light pollution. This makes the stars extremely bright and visible. Because we have incredible stars, we also have an incredible observatory. For a long time, it held the largest civilian¬†telescope in the world and it might still.

You know I love nature, animals, and sunsets and growing up in Goldendale is part of the reason why.¬†I remember seeing a partial eclipse up on Observatory Hill in Goldendale as a child and I SO wish I could be there today to see this total eclipse with my family. If I were there you know I would be dressed in theme as I tend to do! Dressing in theme is just my thing. So, I put together a few cute astrologically themed pieces! I hope you like, and if you’re in the 100% visibility zone, you’re so lucky!!!

Thank you for reading,

Dress: For Love and Lemons.
Bag: Chloe. Shoes: YSL. Shades: Walgreens. Belt: Vintage.

Kier MellourSolar eclipse for love and lemons dress

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