Same Swim in Phuket Thailand

Same Swim:

I’ve been a fan of Shea Marie‘s since her blog was called Cheyenne Meets Chanel. We have a few things in common which is why I’ve always been drawn to her. Shea is also a small town girl, she also used to do bottle service, and she is a blonde bombshell. Shea and Carowine (Caroline Vreeland who loves and drinks wine as much as I do,) are my favorite BFF’s to watch. I love that they share clothes, are supportive of one another and aren’t clones of each other. Keeping one’s own originality is so important and finding someone who loves all of you in a girlfriend is inspiring. So, when Shea launched Same Swim I wanted to support my girl! It’s a little pricey but it’s made with love in Los Angeles which I respect so much.

This suit is now on sale and running out so be sure to snap it up ASAP and check out Same‘s new collection which is FIRE!!

When I was heading to Asia on this trip I knew it was finally time to pull the trigger and get some SAME. This gorgeous adobe color seemed so retro 70’s. I planned to pair it with a blush satin bomber jacket and some blush aviators… I didn’t pull off the full shoot I planned but I think I got some even better shots.

The Plastic Problem:

I wore this island hopping around Phuket. I got to see James Bond Island (I always thought Jacques looked like James Bond so that was cool) and a few other beautiful places including this amazing cave. However, I was really disturbed to see SO MUCH PLASTIC floating in the water. Did you know that the equivalent of a dump truck full of plastic enters our oceans every single minute? And that if this continues there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish by 2050? In fact, I did see more plastic than fish on this trip. It’s really horrible!

Every single day 100 Billion plastic bags are used and 500 Million plastic straws are thrown out. We have to become aware and make choices for the betterment of our planet. Don’t even get me started on plastic water bottles- if you must drink them, please consider switching to Waiakea which uses 100% recycled plastic, plants trees, donates water to those in need and is just as pure if not more than Fiji.

I found this amazing video which helps make going waste-free a lot easier, I hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch it and make a huge difference!

Ok, on to the bikini pics!

Swimsuit: Same. Shorts: Lee (Vintage).
Necklace: Forever 21. Earrings: Forever 21.

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