Pretty Tough ~ Leather and Chiffon

Thank you to Quinn Starr for taking the first 5 photos!
Check out Quinn’s Blog Here.
Body suit worn as top: American Apparel, Skirt: Kimichi Blue similar here,
Leather Jacket: Robin’s Jean (new style here),¬†Loafers: B.P, Clutch: Vintage,
Sunglasses: Burberry (old), Necklace: Harley Davidson, Bow Ring: H&M, Buckle Ring: Gifted
I wore this outfit out to dinner with my boyfriend Roger to a nearby German restaurant called Wolfsaire on Vine Street- which first of all is AMAZING! (If you live in Los Angeles or if you come to visit, I highly recommend this authentic German, yet trendy little spot and be sure to try the mac ‘n cheese!) Anyway, while on our walk to the restaurant, I got some looks, enough to make me wish we had gone out after… ¬†honestly when I pulled the outfit together, I chose these items only because they were among the few items at Roger’s place and I thought in case we did go out, this combo was sexy, cute and dressed up enough. So, I threw on this look, consisting of two completely different pieces, one pretty and one tough, (hehe) my signature leather jacket, the new Harley Davidson Motor Cycle Necklace (Which my Dad got for me on our recent trip to texas- and which I think perfectly encompasses the “Pretty Tough” look I’m going for all in one), a vintage clutch I bought in December but had yet to use, a couple rings I found in the ONE bathroom drawer I have on reserve at Roger’s place (hint hint), and some leopard loafers to top it off… next time I wear this skirt I’ll rock pumps instead because I was stepping all over my skirt and almost pulling it down!
Xoxo, Kier
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