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Dress, Shoes, and Bag: Bebe. Watch: Fossil, Bracelet: MM Couture. Earrings: Farmers Market.


present participle of pea·cock


1. To display one’s self ostentatiously. 

I’m not sure if any of you ever read The Game (The book that inspired the reality show “The Pickup Artist”) but in an early chapter the author explains the benefits of “Peacocking” to pick up women, stating basically that one needs to dress ridiculously or in some way attention getting in order to procure an “ice breaker” or conversation starter with women. I find this technique has mixed results with me; either men are too intimidated to approach me, or I’ve given them an easy “in” for a cheesey pickup line… Thankfully I have a big strong boyfriend to protect me from terrible pickup lines….

However, I wore this outfit in it’s entirety last summer in Vegas- (I didn’t have anyone to take photos for me because I was out with girlfriends and we just didn’t have time..) we got so many guys coming up to us and of course I was still dating Roger back then, so I had no interest in meeting anyone. Do you know how annoying it is to try to explain my name to someone? And someone I have no interest in even knowing my name, most of whom were slightly or mostly drunk and also in a loud environment?? Instead of putting myself through that, I decided to go as “Feather” for the night. I introduced myself as Feather the whole night- it was hilarious, every time my friends would call out for me, I mean, “Feather” we would all crack up… I love Vegas memories!

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  1. How funny, I bought that book for my little brother and now he is the ultimate ladies man. Lookin’ hot Feather!

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