Mothers Day Flowers ~ Floral Dress in Hollywood!

¬†Happy Mother’s Day! Floral Prints and an interesting backline!
At Drai’s Pool in Hollywood


Dress: Zara, Shoes: Forever 21 (old) similar and amazing Miu Miu pair here.
Bag: Available on my Threadflip, here, Shades: Tiffany & Co.
I asked Roger if this dress’s back just looks unzipped, or if it looks cool and deliberate and he said, “I was looking at that, I realized I kind of love it.” I said, “You kind of love it, just kind of? How can you kind of love something? Nobody’s is kind of dead, love and death are indefinite.” And he finished with a look like “relax” and said “No. I do love it. I Love it, It’s sexy.” And for a floral print dress with a very modest neck line and semi-modest hem, I’ll take all the sexy I can get- even on mothers day!
Mothers day was amazing. I spoiled my mom rotten! We had lunch at her favorite restaurant, then decided to go to Drai’s Pool and sit in the sun… on our walk to Drai’s we passed some kind of alley market/ art show and took some photos with the art. I was tempted to start shopping, as usual, but I kept it together and kept the day about mom!
I want to really take a second tho and give credit to my mom, not for guiding my style as a child or always being fashionable icon to look up to… because, she wasn’t that. My mom still struggles somewhat to put together a cute outfit, and this is after years of coaching by my amazing and super stylish sister. But what my mom did do for me while growing up that really shaped who I am and how I dress was that she was supportive. My mom always thought I looked cute and gave me major, and maybe even a little too much confidence. She convinced me that “If anyone could pull it off, it’d be you Kier”. I took that and ran… I ended up winning “Best Dressed” and “Most likely to become a Super Model” in 9th grade, and I was feeling amazing. (especially after the shopping trip to New York, where I bought more clothing than any adolescent should have.) And so with that esteem, and wardrobe in my handbag, I set off into highschool, the most cruel and judgmental place I’ve ever been… But, I wore what I wanted. Some days I was tormented, other days girls fought the hatred they held for me inside because the urge to ask me where I got something was too great, and they swooned and oohed and aahhed over what I was wearing when I’d tell them.
Anyway, back to mom… So in Highschool, I started pushing the envelope with the “Dress Code” even more than I had in Jr. High (which is hard to believe because I got sent home numerous times due to my hemline- which of course I blamed on my height) And when the unfortunate Principal or office lady had to call my mom and tell her to come get me due to my outfit, it went a little like this:
Principal: Ms Wilkins, did you see what Kier was wearing when she left the house this morning?
Mom: Yes.
Principal: Well it’s against dress code, and she needs a change of clothing. a pair of pants or longer skirt.
Mom: Kier looked amazing this morning and I’m sure she still does. I won’t be bringing her anything to wear because I don’t know what would look cute with her outfit, and I’m not going to undermine her creative nature by ruining her outfit just because some fat ugly teacher is offended, or should I say Threatened by Kier’s beautiful body.
Principal: ……….(silence)
I know, my mom is a little hardcore, you probably weren’t expecting that! But she basically was my biggest support and cheerleader in helping me define my style just by her amazing and genuine encouragement.
So, Thank you mom. I am SO lucky to have a mommy like you.
Xoxo, Kier
P.S. ¬†My girlfriend and I had super close nails! Mine Pink and Purple, her’s, Pink and Green!!
 Had to take this pic! Love you Allison!
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