I Want That… MOSCHINO Barbie

Since doing these “I want that” posts for you every wednesday I’ve been shopping too much! I see something I want and I need to get it which was the case for the Moschino Barbie iPhone case. While making this for you I couldn’t help myself and I bought it! I just kept thinking about how if it sold out, without me ever being able to call it mine, I would be devastated! I wanted it from the moment I saw it andI didn’t see my desire going anywhere. Plus, it’s huge too so it’s bound to be easy to find in large purses! I desperately want the bag too but the phone case is much more affordable!

It’s actually alarming how happy I am about my new phone case…

I know, I know, I just love leopard and pink… I can’t help myself, I was wired this way!

Thanks so much for reading!

With love from Hollywood,

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 Moschino barbie phone case


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