Let’s Talk Loop Giveaways

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Loop Giveaways:

Let’s talk about loop giveaways. What is a Loop Giveaway? Well, it’s essentially a giveaway with a prize (sometimes it’s electronics, sometimes it’s makeup, sometimes it’s a bag, sometimes it’s a combination) and all participating accounts in the “loop” pay a portion of the cost of the prize. All accounts post the giveaway image at the exact same time and tag one other person in the loop. To enter the giveaway you have to complete the “loop”. To “complete the “loop” you have to follow the instructions (usually like each person’s photo and follow them) then move on to the person they tag, like, follow, repeat. Once you are at the account you started on you’ve completed the loop and you’re eligible to win the prize.

Why do Bloggers host Loop Giveaways?

The short answer is to gain followers. With more followers, we can charge more for sponsored content and potentially make more affiliate sales. Unfortunately for most bloggers, the size of your following can directly correlate to your income. The loops allow us to potentially gain the audience of all the other accounts in the loop. It’s a collaborative effort to gain a bigger audience. Some accounts with huge followings don’t need to host loops, but their presence greatly affects the outcome of the loop for the smaller accounts. I can’t prove it but I have a hunch that large accounts (over 500K) are paid a portion of the “prize” money, rather than it all going toward the prize to result in a better outcome for the hosts.

Isn’t that just buying Followers?

Yes and no. The followers are real, not bots and can unfollow after the giveaway. This is why I personally see it more as buying advertising and exposure. In my experience, about 30-50% of the new followers gained by a loop will unfollow once they didn’t win the prize. However, I think that number is larger for small stores and less established blogs. From my experience, the content I put out while a giveaway is live is essential for retaining the new followers. I do my best to have interesting stories, posts with quality captions, cute outfits, shoppable content, etc always, but especially while a giveaway is live so the new audience will get a good idea of my aesthetic, content and personality.

Loop Giveaways are so tacky though…

I get where you’re coming from. I do. However, as a full-time blogger, I constantly need to increase my audience so that I can continue to procure paying work and in turn, continue to blog and youtube full time. I know they’re a little annoying to my loyal audience but please understand they are for the good of the brand. Being plateaued on Instagram for about a year and a half, I tried everything to grow but I just wasn’t getting featured on company accounts and I couldn’t figure out another way to reach people.

Knowing my content was good and people would like it if they could find it, I was conflicted. I didn’t want to be one of those “Loop accounts” but I finally caved in, and I’m so glad I did. Thanks to a few successful loops I have gained many of you that I can now share my content with. I promise to only do a couple a month and keep my content in between fresh and valuable to you. I really appreciate your support and understanding!

Thank you for reading, I hope you found this interesting at the very least! How do you feel about Loop Giveaways? Have you hosted one? How’d it go? Have you entered one? Did you win? Do you hate them? I’d love to know! Tell me in the coments section! xo

With love from Florida,

Shorts: TopShop. Top: Shein.
Shoes: Steve Madden. Shades: Bebe, old.
Bag: Louis Vuitton Brittany in Magnolia.

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louis vuitton brittany bag

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