Letting my Roots Show. ~ Beetle Blouse and Green Jeans

Northern California amongst the Sequoia Trees..
Nature Chic. // Outdoor Couture.
My first Peter pan collar.
 This is the Nations christmas Tree.
The 3rd Largest Tree in the world.
Thank you Mom for taking these photos!
Beetle Blouse: Zara, Green Jeans: Zara, Ring: David Yurman (Gift from Roger)
“Ugg” Boots: Kirkland Signature (Costco),¬†Belt: Purse strap from this Zara Bag
Bag: Zara, Watch: Michael Kors
I went with my Mom on an impromptu trip to see my Great, Great, Aunt Loraine in northern California. Yes, that’s two “great”‘s! I wasn’t quite expecting to end up where we ended up… in such a rural area. I looked into my bag and realized even my sub-contious was stylish! I hadn’t packed well, but for what we ended up doing, it was perfect. I am from a small town and have been camping and barefoot throughout my childhood. When I realized this was a much more outdoor trip that I originally anticipated, I decided I needed to opt my, black high heal bootie, out- and opt my, Ugg knockoffs, in. In addition to being from a tiny town, I lived in Kirkland, Washington for several years throughout my teen years. Kirkland is the Birthplace of Costco, so I support them any way I can, and I don’t see the point in spending almost $200 on UGLY boots, that are considered socially unacceptable by most people. So, I feel that $40 is perfectly priced for my “Genuine Australian Sheerling Boots”! (But I still didn’t want to use any of the pics of them! haha I’m such a hypocrite!)
Anyway, My Great, Great Aunt told me the Sweetest thing, She said, “I think thats the prettiest blouse I’ve ever seen, and it’s covered in bugs!” and that was the cutest and sweetest thing she could have said! I love the peter pan collar and the way it buttons up the back. what do you think? Cute? ¬†In addition to my outdoorsy vibe via a blouse covered in beetles, I used the alternate strap from my bag as the belt to my outfit to tie it together in some of the photos. It didn’t go all the way around but just hooked to the front two belt loops!
And on top of all that, My natural blonde roots are grown out, and need to be colored… So I really am, Letting my roots show!! ¬†(Yes, I’m a natural Blonde!!)
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  1. I love the beetle shirt! It is amazing how something that isnt a standard print can look so cute and stylish when worn right!

  2. oh what a beautiful post, your great great aunt sounds so sweet, the setting and u are just stunning, i love rural life from time to time too, i to grew up camping and holidays in the countryside so its lovely to go back to it, im your newest follower, would love if you could take a peak at my humble blog, im totally rubbish at computers, love and kisses from dublin xxx leonie