Nightlife ~ The Leather T-Shirt at Bootsy Bellows

White Collar: Express, Leather T shirt: Olive & Oak (obsessed wit this one)
Skirt: BCBG, Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Gold Bar Bag: Matt Bernson
Watch: Michael Kors, RC Ring: borrowed from Roger, similar style here

Bootsy Bellows

I wore this out to Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood. I mentioned last time I was at Bootsy Bellows that I saw David Arquette puppeteering a marionette but this time the puppet danced, cheers’d with me and after a little coaxing, even gave me a little pretend puppet kiss on the cheek! Complete with a private VIP lounge in the back that only people with wrist bands can get to.. I’d tell you what’s back there, but then it would lose it’s allure!! hehe, regardless of the slightly pretentious back room (‘slightly pretentious’ I say, with love), if you live in Los Angeles, this club is a lot of fun and worth checking out. They even have a girl carrying around a little basket filled with candy, like starbursts, and tootsie rolls! I really enjoyed myself.

The Leather T-Shirt

The Leather shirt trend is huge right now and Ive had this one for a while, but I didn’t know what to wear it with.. Finally I decided that I wanted a collar to wear with it, but without sleeves, and I was in a time crunch. So I just cut the sleeves off a simple white button-up that I had. It was a tiny bit small in the arms, so I never wore it. If you are going to do this, look for s shirt that is perfectly fitted through the body so that when you wear it under something, it doesn’t bunch up and cause you to look bulky.
The gold bar clutch I found on-line after I saw a girl out with the same clutch one night. Like a moth to the flame, immediately asked her where she got it… her response was a tricky one to get: it was a gift from her boyfriend… so I tried stay upbeat and say “Oh, how wonderful, you’re so lucky!” but what I was feeling was “I may never see this bag again, or get to hold one, or carry one.” but, I stayed cheerful. When I got home I googled “Gold bar bag” and voila, it popped right up. Lucky for you, I took the extra step out and found it for you… HERE!¬†and for less than $200, I couldn’t resist! One of my favorite pieces to this day.
With love from Hollywood,

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