Kiss me on my tulips

skechers wedge sneakers

how to wear pink pantsKier Mellourlauren moshi lipsKier MellourChambray Shirtskechers wedge sneakersmy name necklacethe blonde saladopi-kiss me on my tuplisPolish: “Kiss me on my Tulips” by OPI… Photo thanks to Laquer and Lashes.

Pants: H&M, old. Lips Tank: Lauren Moshi. Chambray Shirt: H&M, similar. Wedge Sneakers: Skechers.
Metallic Bag: Calvin Klein. Necklaces: My Name Necklace and Gift shop somewhere.
Shades: Burberry. Watch: Fossil. Rings: Assortes. Bracelets: Assorted.

Kiss me on my Tulips

Love this shirt by Lauren Moshi and these pink pants. The lips design and the color of the pants reminded me of this pretty pink by OPI called appropriately “Kiss me on my Tulips“. Not a lot to say this time, as I’m really tired, but I hope everyone has an amazing Mother’s Day!!

With love from Hollywood,
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  1. Ah love those sneakers! Actually your whole look. My coworkers went to a Kohls trade show and got lots of goodies and one of them gave me a denim shirt very similar to the one you are wearing. Now I have an idea of how to wear it. Great post and blog. Following on Bloglovin.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

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