How to get Rose Gold Hair

How to get Rose Gold Hair:

A few months ago I had beautiful rose-gold hair. Recently, I realized I never did a post about how I got it, what products I used, and which extensions I wore. So here’s my post on how to get rose-gold hair.

Before I colored my hair rose gold I got a full head of highlights. I know a lot of people say you need to bleach out your hair completely before doing any type of fantasy color but that’s not 100% true. The most blonde parts though will take the color better. If you have any “warm” tones in your hair they will mix with the rose gold and turn out a bit more coppery. You can see my hair underneath how it doesn’t blend as well because it’s slightly more coppery.

I used Kenra Simply Blonde Rose with only 9 vol developer. You can use their simply blonde developers to lift and deposit (tone) all in one if you decide not to get highlights first or if you need to do a rose gold root touch-up on natural hair, the higher volume developers might be the right choice for you. Since I personally had already highlighted my hair, I used a lower volume.

Also, I used the simply blonde as a toner rather than the permanent color because I knew I wasn’t going to keep it long. I used the same product on my Khaleesi Dirty Blonde Bellami Extensions (discount code kier) and the result was amazingly exact to the color of my real hair. If I used their permanent color (Kenra Metallics 10RG) it would have lasted longer but been more difficult to remove.


Both My hair and my extensions faded quickly. Heat, sun, shampoo, water, anything pretty much causes the color to fade. After my color started to fade I re-colored my hair with the same formula and re-colored my extensions with the permanent Kenra Metallic 10Ro color. The result was a slightly deeper rose color but it still blended well. I considered using the permanent color on my hair but since I knew I’d want to go back to blonde in only a month or two I didn’t want to deal with trying to remove permanent color. They also make a metallic Rose shade in a demi-permanent but it’s a level 8 which is much darker than I wanted to go.

To remove and return to blonde I used Pravana Color Extractor twice and then highlighted. After highlighting I toned with Redken Shades EQ in shades 9T, 9V, and 9N (equal parts) and applied it to wet hair watching it change as to not go too dark. I then gave myself a shadow root with Redken Colorfusion 6AB.

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