House of DVF Finale Outfits and Departure Video

In the finale we see a model freak out on me, but it she actually apologized about 10 minutes later to me, I think her name was Anna, and she felt bad and said she hadn’t had a lot of sleep and was irritable.

I was asked to hold Naomi’s, as in Naomi Campbell’s place in the rehearsal because, I’m assuming she “doesn’t do rehearsals” which was fine by me. I walked a little flail-y I know that’s not a word but I know I was swinging around a lot and couldn’t contain my excitement obvious by my huge smile. Diane however wasn’t aware of me being asked to walk and thought I had lost my mind! I was so worried that it would be edited to look like I really had lost my mind but they spared me on this one.


DVF-ss2015-15 DVF-2015

The two looks above were my absolute favorite pieces from the collection. I’m sure you noticed throughout the season, but the Spring 2015 collection was inspired by the Cote’ azure, or The South Of France, AKA The French Riviera. I love the gingham and floral accents and I may be wrong, but I think this is the first there has ever been a DVF crop top, thanks to new Artistic Director Michael Herz.

Diane decided to select Brittany as the brand ambassador because she “has the most experience.” and I have to agree. I recently found out Brittany will be helping style celebrities here in LA and she is obviously extremely qualified in that regard. I am pretty much just used to styling myself. I wish Brittany all the success in the world.

DVF has invited me to attend her Fall / Winter show this February which is amazing! So I will be attending that for sure!

Check out my departure video above and as always, thank you for reading!

With love from Hollywood,

Gold dress: DVF, limited edition, similar.


Top: 1.State.



Dress: Zara. Jacket: Robin’s Jean. Lipstick: Covergirl “Cherry Bomb”

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  1. I’m so glad that I found your youtube channel and blog through the show because you are such a genuine and fabulous person! I love how you are so open and honest, and although you didn’t win, you’ll have a ton of success in life!

  2. Hi Kier,
    I started to check out your blog after watching House of DVF. I’m really glad I did b/c not only do I really enjoy your blog (even though I’m more into beauty than fashion, but hey I know I could learn from your blog!), but I think this is a much better representation of you than how you were portrayed on House of DVF. You seem like a really sweet person and just wanted to let you know that and that you have a great fashion sense!! Take care!!

    Lauren F

  3. Kier dear,

    I loved who you are so much! Don’t ever let haters get you down, the only reason all them girls din’t like you is coz you were confident and self assured. There are greater things ahead of you! Continue doing you and you will make it great.
    Every great successful person has their stories and the DVF one is just the beginning. Go Girl! All the best!

  4. Hi Kier
    Okay … I watch you at House of DVF … and think you’re cute , a grace ‘m your fan … Kisses and all the good that God bless Linda


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