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You’ve made the choice to grow out your roots. You’ve been some shade of unnaturally light blonde for a while now, maybe even years but it’s time to let your hair grow out and your roots come in. Fast forward two months and you look up at your roots with their dark stripe down the center of your head. No amount of zig-zag parts seems to help and you get that urge to get a fresh highlight… as you sit under a pile of foil and pay the $200 for your impulsive salon visit you realize, there goes all your hard work, all the time you’ve invested going natural is lost but you couldn’t help it- the roots were just too bad. So much for that idea, looks like you’ll be a slave to the salon every six weeks for the rest of your life.

Now it’s been a week and your roots are already starting to come back in.. you see a youtube video “Fast and Easy: Dark Root concealer! Back2blonde Demo and Review!” You click but think, “What? Root Concealer? No way.” After watching you realize, you could have avoided your whole salon mishap if you’d only known about Back2Blonde sooner. Well, I’m here, trying to save you and as many women as possible!

About a year ago I would have made the same mistake as you but thankfully I discovered Back2Blonde a few months ago. I have been using Back2Blonde now since August while growing out my roots into an ombre. Back2Blonde is a temporary root concealer that’s applied with a pinpoint precise applicator for targeted coverage in a matter of seconds and washes out in just one shampoo! Back2Blonde is affordable, widely available, and looks and feels natural.

Many people including myself, and possibly you, are on a mission to grow out our natural roots, but the in between stages are unflattering, to say the least. As you can see in the photos below I started out with very light bleached hair with a pretty obvious line of new growth. That stage of having new growth and a dark root is the worst in my opinion. I used Back2Blonde in the lightest shade to camouflage my roots while they were in this stage. The next step in growing out your roots is to get a fine highlight to lessen the line of demarcation. Every other month you should get a fine partial highlight (also called baby lights) to make your regrowth subtle and gradual looking like a professional ombre would be.

As you can see in the more recent images my roots are more gradual and blend more naturally. I can wear Back2blonde when I want a polished all over blonde or leave it off for a natural ombre look. During this transitional phase, back2Blonde has been invaluable. Going weeks and weeks without a touchup is hard for any blonde, but thankfully we don’t have to face a dark root reality anymore.

Even if you’re not growing out your roots/ombre, being a blonde can be damaging to our hair and expensive to visit the salon. Thankfully, Back2Blonde can extend the time between salon visits and save you money, damage to your hair, and of course time! Back2Blonde literally hides dark roots (and grays!) instantly with a sheer lightweight spray that doesn’t mask your roots, it instead coats them with light-reflecting molecules, or Prismatech pigments, which create an optical illusion of lighter roots that look and feel natural. The best part is that Back2Blonde is available basically everywhere! You can find Back2Blonde at Walgreens, CVS, and Target for around $12.99 and it comes in light, medium and dark blonde!

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