Nightlife ~ The Fur Coat and Zebra Dress

Fox fur coat

Fox fur coat & Zebra dressFox fur coat & Zebra dressFox fur coat & Zebra dressFox fur coat & Zebra dressFox fur coat & Zebra dressFox fur coat & Zebra dress

Zebra dress: NikiBiki, Pleather Leggings: Forever 21- similar,
Socks: Xhilaration, Boots: Trouve, Fur Coat: Vintage, Bag: Aldo, Watch: Michael Kors,
Earrings: Chanel c/o

The Zebra Print Dress:

So, I got this zebra dress on Melrose a while ago, and I love how the neck is, it can hang strait back and forward, go off either or both shoulders or be a hood. This is such a versatile dress, the only problem is that the liner isn’t long enough to actually wear as a dress. That’s okay though, because on this particular night in LA, it was freezing… not literally, but it was very very cold and the leggings helped keep me warm!

The Fur Coat:

I have mentioned before that I love fur, and I catch some flak for that. However, I only buy vintage fur… I guess the way I see it, is this: When you buy new fur, animals died literally so that you could own that new coat or vest or collar, or bag.. when you buy vintage, that animal is already gone, has been for years, possibly decades, you’re not killing new animals or perpetuation the fur industry, you’re simply enjoying what already exists. You can read more about my opinions on fur here. Anyway, I got this coat at Slow on Melrose, and it’s one of my favorite pieces. It’s even monogrammed , which I always see as a sign of being truly loved by the previous owner. The bottom line is, this gorgeous coat already exists, so somebody should enjoy it. And I really really do. I’m sorry if that offends anybody.

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With love from Hollywood,

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  1. hey, Kier! thank you for visiting my blog!
    your fur coat is beautiful and I think it’s definitely better to get a vintage/thrifted piece and not buy a new one. your philosophy is very similar to mine when it comes to this topic overall. though I only buy faux fur pieces, at least so far. but right now it’s way too warm for (faux) fur here in Estonia, hehe.

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  2. Your hair just keeps looking more gorgeous! When you originally said you were going blonde I thought to myself “oh but her dark hair is so stunning” but I can’t believe how much the lightness compliments your natural beauty! Hope you enjoy your holidays!