Happy Fourth of July!

Hi y’all! So, I am kind of obsessed with holidays… any excuse to dress up in a theme is kind of what I live for.. but this time I didn’t want to spend any money… I wanted to put together a fun look from items I have and have worn before… I love the idea of blue stripes instead of red too because it’s a little unexpected, with a red cutoff short and white sneakers- how much more all american can you get? Actually a little more… I really wanted to wear white Chuck Taylors but I haven’t gotten around to buying them yet, plus that kind of goes against what I was trying to do- NOT spend money on my fourth of july outfits… anyway, Happy fourth of July!

Have a safe and fun filled Fourth of July!

Thanks so much for reading!

With love from Hollywood,

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Top: Target. Shorts: Old Navy (DIY Cutoffs). Sneakers: Target. Earrings: Judith Bright.
Bag: Zara. Belt: Gifted. Necklace: Dogeared. Bracelets: Madewell and Mainsai. Shades: Bebe.

Fourth-of-July-outfits-2 Fourth-of-July-outfits-3 Fourth-of-July-outfits-4 Fourth-of-July-outfits-5 Fourth-of-July-outfits-6 Fourth-of-July-outfits-7

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