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 Guilianna Tulip Dress: BCBG MAX AZRIA. Shoes: ZARA s/s ’12, similar. Bag: Kate Spade.
Shades: Prada Baroque. Bracelet: Capwell+co, c/o. Earrings: Nordstrom.
Swimsuit (under dress): Luxe by Lisa Vogel. Lips: MAC Ruby Woo.


So I took these on the Sunset Strip after a fancy lunch with friends, I realized my lips matched our friend’s Ferrari perfectly, so I thought it would be fabulous to take photos with it. (Huge thank you Aaron for letting us do this shoot with your pretty car- You’re the best!!) ….Yes the tattoo on my foot says “Fabulous”, yes I’m being cheesy with the title of this post, and yes I’m a huge Top Gear UK fan, so Jeremy Clarkson, if you happen to be an avid Fashion Addict reader, I’d love to show you my lap time in your “reasonably priced car”. (most of my readers wont get the previous sentence/joke, sorry.) I’m sure most of you do remember this recent post though, in which I already warned you that this dress and these shades would be my summer uniform- so get used to it… Anyway, It’s Sunday, so I’m hitting the Drai’s Pool Party, and the first XIV of the summer, which you can read about from last year here– the theme this week is “Saint. Tropez” (the island, I’m assuming and not the fake tanner lol) I’m stoked for my outfit- don’t forget to follow on Instagram for live party updates!!!!!

With love from Hollywood,

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  1. I officially the love this blog now! I loved it before and love it even more now that I can relate to you even more now because you like Top Gear! I am a total car freak and love Top Gear but could never tell because I look like I stepped out of the newest fashion magazine, at least that’s what all my friends say. I could watch Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May all day; in fact I have had a few Top Gear marathons. I so agree with doing a lap on the track I think it would be a great thing to do! Even though I am no where near as good as The Stig! Even though I love cars I also love fashion just as much. I would have done the same thing if a car matched my lip stick! I just found this posting I have been falling behind and skipping around on your updates. Sorry I’ve been trying to catch up.

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