Eco Bikini Girl

Eco Bikini Girl
Eco Bikini Girl:

Have you checked out @ecobikinigirl on Instagram yet? It’s my new page dedicated to bikinis, eco tips, and spreading awareness. 

The whole idea came about when my friend Natalie of @CleanOurSeas reposted an image of me with two bags of trash I collected and someone commented,

“for the environment or for likes?” 

Being on the other side of the world, (she is in the UK) I was a little late to the “party” when I woke up and saw the conversation about my post. I will post the screenshots at the bottom of this post so you can follow along but essentially he thought I only picked up litter for attention. WOW. If you’ve been following for a while you know I do cleans regularly, basically every time I hit the beach and I do try to post my haul on my story but I don’t always, and when I do, I’m rarely in the photo because I look like a hot mess, literally! I was pretty offended at the notion that because I was in a bikini and the photo was filtered I don’t actually care about the environment- like how are those connected at all??? 

We went back and forth a bit until he blocked me LOL. And many women came to my defense and shut him down. Through that judgmental and nasty comment, though, I connected with a local beach cleaner @CleanSeasByB and we did a clean together collecting 50lbs+ of trash! Also, I was inspired to start my page Eco Bikini Girl- a page dedicated to using my physical features to raise awareness. Sex sells so why not sell clean seas? Why no use what you have? We all have qualities and talents and who says it’s cheap, wrong or immoral to use your appearance if that’s one of your qualities? If you ask me that’s “The Man” telling women what to do- yet again. Welcome to the new age of feminism. 

USE. WHAT. YOU’VE. GOT!  (If you want to!)

Thank you for reading!

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