I want that.. Cuba Packing List

cuba packing list
Cuba Packing list:

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen my post about heading to Cuba. Well, I as you read this I will actually be in Havana, Cuba! I did a little bit of shopping before this trip and although I did buy a fair amount, there are a few items I’m still lusting over. The weather in Havana is about 90 degrees Fahrenheit and 80% humidity so it is HOT and SWEATY! Yay! Just kidding, lol. My favorite thing to wear on vacations are wrap dresses and these styles just scream Havana to me. I also wanted to include inexpensive accessories just in case something were to happen to them. These chic shades are a must for exploring such a sunny location and the pink crossbody bag is on sale for only $41. While I’m actually touristing I’ll probably wear sneakers (my new Tretorn Nylites most likely) but for an evening out and shooting I wanted to include some pretty shoes with a not-too-high heel.

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