Challenges and Goals for Cosmetology School

Challenges and Goals for Cosmetology School
Back to School:

Well as you know I have started Cosmetology school. I wanted to wait to write this post until I had a better idea of what to expect so my concerns list was relevant. Before I started, I was so worried about people not liking me. So far, I don’t really get that vibe so that’s not on this list. (Yes, I want people to like me, I admit it.) I was also worried about there being a creepy guy on campus, either a teacher or owner, someone.. because there is usually always one everywhere. Again, an invalid fear now. After my first three weeks, I have a real list of my challenges and goals for cosmetology school.

Challenges and Goals for Cosmetology School:
  1. Goal: Make friends! One of the reasons I wanted to start school was to make friends here. It’s hard to make friends as an adult woman but you can make it easier by joining clubs, groups, taking classes and being generally involved in your community. You’ll automatically meet others who are similar and also outgoing. Making friends in cosmetology school should be easy because we all have a common interest. But, there are lots of different personality types.  I like everyone in my class, but there is nobody whom I just instantly vibed with and like really want to get to know. (Most of them are much younger than me so there is a maturity level disconnect.) On September fifth though, we will be getting 14 new students joining our class of eight! We will go from 8 to 22 people and it’s a small classroom. I know my classmates are not excited about the soon-to-be crowded quarters and that will be challenging, but honestly, all I can think is, “that’s 14 chances to meet my new BFF! Hey, one out of fourteen is pretty good odds!” I just know there will be someone I love to death! So, I am excited to meet her or him!
  2. Challenge: Wearing all black. I know this seems ridiculous. First world problems, but like, worse. “Spoiled brat problems” maybe? Kind of. But hello, this is a FASHION blog. Clearly what I wear is kind of a big deal to me. Do I wear black? Yes, sometimes. Do I wear ALL black? Rarely. Honestly, I commend people who can do it, you have to be so creative with textures, cuts, and proportions for it to look good. But even if you put a fire look together, you can barely see it! Couple that with the fact that I have to wear closed toe shoes and NO HEELS! When I was in school as an adolescent the best thing about it was deciding what to wear every day. With this all black dress code, it’s honestly so depressing. I hate it. It is like the only major killer of the whole experience. I was always more of a “cute outfit less makeup” type of person. I can put on a lot but I’d rather spend my time picking out a look than doing my makeup. This black thing may change that, and it definitely brings me to my next point.
  3. Goal: More Makeup. Because I can’t express myself in my usual pink and colorful outfits, I’m relying on accessories and makeup to brighten my days. If I have to wear all black, I need to have good hair and nice makeup. I am taking this opportunity to get more into makeup and having fun trying new products. Also, as a blogger, one of my reasons for going to cosmetology school was so that I would have some authority and credibility on skin care and makeup. Often, people ask about my tips and favorite things, and I want to know what I’m talking about in a scientific way, not just my opinion.
  4. Goal: Let my stifling dress code inspire me. On the bright side of the all black dress code, I am hoping one, another or both of two things happen. 1. I hope that this dress code will inspire my blogging outfits. I think all the cool ideas I have will start to compound so that when I shoot a look I am more daring and creative because I’m honestly so stifled all week it will build up. And 2. I hope that I gain a new appreciation for black. Right now I am still trying to figure it out. Black leggings and a black v-neck is flattering every day but it depresses me to no end. I need black textured polka dots, wrap tops, wide leg pants, mom jeans. I need to embrace the black and try to love it. It may just inspire me!
  5. Challenge: Patience and humility. I know I am impatient and it’s something I’m impatient with myself over. Imagine that, I get annoyed and impatient at myself for being annoyed and impatient with others. Yeah. I’m weird and super hard on myself and others sometimes. My dad is a little impatient too, so I think that’s where I get it. Anyway, I see myself wanting to help people when they don’t ask because I can do it faster, better, whatever which can come across as a know-it-all, pushy, and sometimes condescending. I also know once I step onto the salon floor I will get problem clients. They will hate what I do at some point. Maybe it’ll be my fault, maybe not. It doesn’t matter. I’m actually excited for the challenge of staying calm and patient with people in a professional manner and setting. I have always been hot tempered and I have been fired for it, maybe more than once. It’s something I desperately want to change and I think my love for cosmetology and my commitment to finishing it (and not getting kicked out) will be in internal incentive to remain calm and be humble. It’s something I want for myself, my future, and my growth so I think this environment will help me a lot!
  6. Goal: Gain True Happiness. I have this amazing gift of never being satisfied. That was sarcasm, kind of. The great thing about it is that I am always striving for more, I am spontaneous, and I love change. The negative is that whatever I do, it’s only temporary and I need more, more change, more adventure, a new site, a new whatever. Nothing (read no-thing) will make me happy or satisfied. So many uber successful people say the “thing” that brings them true happiness is giving back. I know how it feels when I rescue an animal; when I help something helpless. But, unless I’m joining the peace corps or going on a mission (which I’d like to do someday) I need to find a way to give back in my daily life. I feel like cosmetology can give me that in a way. Making people feel good about themselves is extremely rewarding. Giving someone a bomb haircut or extensions when they feel ugly and boyish, making their face change into a real smile, that is something you only get by providing service. Add becoming more patient and humble and I think I may have a good shot.
What’s Next:

So there you have it! Will I work in a salon when I’m done? No, probably not. I am a blogger, that’s what I love and what I do. I will be blogging for the foreseeable future and this experience will hopefully be a part of my growth in fashion, beauty and internally. And can I just say, OMFG I love it. Not only am I really good at it #humblebrag but I enjoy it SO much. I can’t tell you. I thought I would hate giving a blowout, I love it. Perms? Love them. Cutting, love it- my biggest physical challenge yet but still love it. Color, LOVE it. Extensions, we learn next and I’m pretty sure we both know I’m going to LOVE it. I am already so happy where I am. A month ago I would have put “Waking up early” as one of my challenges on this list but can I tell you, I don’t even mind it. I honestly love school so much (aside from the “all black”) that I am excited to go, learn, and practice every day. It doesn’t hurt that my teacher is great. I have a lot to learn from him- and I mean more than just how to do hair. He’s really smart and patient and a fantastic teacher. I lucked out!

I can’t end this blog post without a big thank you to my love, Jacques. Not only does he wake up to shoot my photos, handle the business side of my blog and 100% support its success, but he didn’t even blink when I said I wanted to go to Cosmetology school. Okay, he did blink. Everyone in my family was like, “what? Kier, you don’t like people, you don’t like serving people, don’t you remember being a waitress?” But, as I explained my goals and reasons they all came around and Jacques did too. I know a lot of people may look at us as a couple and think I’m with him for money but I think you all see in our interactions it’s not like that. Anyone with money can pay for you to go to school, but Jacques wakes up with me 80% of the days and gets me Kombucha while I get ready, he packs my lunch, he quizzes me before a test. He is there for me in ways I have never experienced. How did I get SO lucky?

So thank you, Jacques, I am so grateful for your sacrifice, for your love, for your support, and for your patience. You’re one of the reasons I want to be a better person. You inspire me to constantly improve. I love you so much. Thank you!

Thank you for reading!

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