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Pink Chevron Chanel Boy Bag Beach Days

As the rest of the country bundles up in earth-toned scarfs and coats I’m  sitting pretty in south Florida in a blue paisley print maxi skirt. I am getting used to the humidity and lizards reluctantly but one thing I’ve fully embraced is the beach. In fact, shortly after these photos were taken I took out my hair extensions and switched back to Bellami clip in hair so I can swim and beach whenever I want without the hassle of blowing hair that’s not even mine! If you’re interested in Bellami hair you can use the code kier to save you $5 on sets over $160. I know it’s not much but it’s better than nothing!

Today when I got to the beach I was saddened to see it littered with trash that had been washed up and tangled with seaweed and sea life. I couldn’t get into the water because I would have been surrounded by garbage. I saw a washed up cereal bowl and started to fill it up with trash and little shards of plastic. The small broken shards are the hardest to clean up with ocean filtration systems and are the most dangerous to marine life so I made sure not to ignore them. I filled the bowl twice, each time making a long trip to the trash can to empty it until my boyfriend asked if I wanted a plastic bag to fill, of course, I said yes. We walked along the beach combing through piles of seaweed filling our bags in solace and feeling a little bit proud of leaving the beach better than it had been when we arrived.

All the plastic made me remember a blog post I read recently about how to eliminate plastics from your life and I think if each one of us adopted just one or two of habits in the article our world would greatly improve.

Thank you for reading.

With love from Florida,

Top: Mixology, c/o. Shades: Wildfox.
Bag: Chanel. Shoes: Vintage. Skirt: LF.
Necklace: Vintage. Bracelet: Hermes.

Pink Chevron Chanel Boy Bag


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