Today I am really excited to introduce my partnership with Back2Blonde! Back2Blonde is a temporary root concealer that’s applied with a pinpoint precise applicator for targeted coverage in a matter of seconds and washes out in just one shampoo. Because ombre is so “in” right now I know a lot of people (including myself) are growing out their natural roots, but the in between stages can be awkward, embarrassing and unflattering. For those who aren’t growing out their roots/ombre, being a blonde can be damaging to our hair and expensive to visit the salon every 6 weeks. Thankfully, Back2Blonde can extend the time between salon visits and save you money, damage to your hair, and not to mention, time! Back2Blonde literally hides dark roots (and grays!) instantly with a sheer lightweight spray that doesn’t mask your roots, it instead coats them with light-reflecting molecules, or Prismatech pigments, which create an optical illusion of lighter roots that look and feel natural. The best part is that Back2Blonde is available basically everywhere! You can find Back2Blonde at Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, and for only $12.99 and it comes in light, medium and dark blonde!

Check out my results below and my youtube video showing the application process :)

Thank you for reading!

With love from Las Vegas,


I wanted to show you in one photo with no difference in lighting or angle how Back2Blonde looks on my hair so I covered the front portion and sprayed the back only.


The photo above is from right after spraying the back of my hair, the photo below is from a few minutes later once the product has dried. You can see how natural it looks, and I can tell you it feels just as natural!


Finally, I am so pleased with the results, I honestly love this product and I know you will too!!!

Thank you for reading!

With love from Las Vegas,



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