Animal instinct ~ How to wear a “midi skirt” youthfully

Pocketed Loose fit Leopard Belly T-Shirt: Forever 21 (similar here & here),
Bag: Calvin Klien (similar style here & here), Bracelets: Forever 21
High-low hem suede midi skirt: Banana Republic (old), Shoes: Dolce Vita
Shades: Mosley Tribes (borrowed from Roger)
Hair: Blowout at Blo Hollywood by Inna
Let’s talk about this outfit…. I got this skirt at the value village in Kirkland WA, over Christmas. I saw it hanging there, and tried it on, it was a perfect fit, but honestly… the “high low hem” trend wasn’t really that big then, and it was a midi skirt… I’m sure you can tell by now- I’m not the most modest blogger you’ll ever follow. Due to the length of this skirt I had to convince myself to buy it, but i figured at $12, even if I never wore it, I could at least use the leather to make something else cool… (I like to recycle). I fully doubt this outfit is what Banana Republic had mind when they designed it but… After little debate, I bought it. My sister and I stared at it hanging there on my lower half as I rotated back and forth from standing barefoot and flat, to on my tip toes, in our childhood hallway mirror; we were hoping it would suddenly look better, sexier, more modern.¬†Finally my sister suggested that I wear high, but chunky heels with it, and I already had a vision of a bare midriff (it was december in Washington state after all, and that seemed almost like a distant myth). So I decided, I had to find some chunky heels back in LA.¬†A few months later (as seen on my instagram) I found these babies brand new for half price at Wasteland¬†Studio City. and Boom!!! (I was wearing this outfit¬†while shopping that day).
I had had this top for months but it almost always seemed inappropriate to wear out of the house.  Since though, I was wearing a midi skirt (below the knees) that was all-but body conscious, I decided I could pull it off. What do you think?
P.S. The last time belly shirts were in style, I was like 12 and the spice girls were all I cared about, they also had a lot to do with the platform trend might I add… but anyway, there isn’t anything more awkward than a 12 year old wearing a belly shirt and platforms thinking she’s hot shit. So, here, I as an adult, finally get to wear a bellyshirt and platforms (and hope I look a little like “chic spice” haha… ).
With love from Hollywood, Kier
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