All Tied Up ~ How to wear a belly shirt and high waisted jeans

White Jeans: BDG (Highwaisted Groupy Cut), White Bag: B. Makowsky but I love this one,
Belt: Ralph Lauren or this DVF option,
Silk Crop Tie Top: Benard Holzmen (thifted via The Goodwill)
Bracelets: Thirfted via Value Village, Watch: Juicy Couture,
Sandals: B.P, Shades: Burrberry, Necklace: Vintage (gifted)
I wore this outfit out shopping at the grove with Roger. I was actually proud of myself for not spending too much! I managed to get two pairs of shoes at the Nordstrom Shoe Sale, a few tops from Zara, a cute necklace from J. Crew, and a pretty Polkadot blouse from Forever 21, and I sweetly bought Roger a nice jacket from Banana Republic (which we got for 30% off because of our nifty grove coupons!) After Shopping, we went to Morel’s and shared a cheese & meat plate and a bottle of wine while people watching.
I want to mention this top and belt really quickly also. I got this top at the Goodwill for like $4 I think. It’s pure silk and fits me so well. When I got it, it was pressed, and looked honestly like it had never been worn. I googled the tag on my handy little iPhone and found that the brand is relatively well known and sells for $30 – $200 on ebay. Score! ¬†Also, I saw this belt at Value Village in Redmond and it was marked at $3, Ralph Lauren, in perfect shape, and fit me! It just goes to show how a little sifting can pay off huge!
With Love from Hollywood, Kier
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