Agaveros Cantina at The Gates Hotel South Beach

agaveros restaurant review
Agaveros Cantina Review:

As you may know, tacos are my favorite food so I’m always down to try a new mexican restaurant. When The Gates reached out to have dinner at their new Mexican resturant, Agaveros and share my experience, it was an easy YES. Y’all know I LOVE tequila, guacamole, and tacos so I couldn’t wait to try it!

The Gates Hotel/Agaveros is directly across Collins Ave from The 1 Hotel and the entrance to Agaveros is right off the ave. Nestled back into a very “Miami” art deco seating area with lots of lush greenery. Once you enter the restaurant, the greenery continues with an interior trellis and mini succulents on each table. Full windows cover three sides of the restaurant so it’s light, airy, and fresh feeling. The back wall is a bar with over 100 different types of tequila for guests to sample.

We were lucky and the Chef came out to intruduce himself. Nicolas Bour, an accompliched 5 Star chef from Rhode Island came to Miami to fuse mexican dishes with American cuisine for a delightful outcome in a brand new menu for Agaveros.

The Food:

We enjoyed custom spicey margaritas while we waited to sample the menu. (As I was reviewing the restaurant and menu we were treated to a tasting menu so we didnt make selections.)

Our first dish was Guacamole followed by a shrimp cocktail which came in a red vintage style martini glass with avocado and red sauce. Both were fresh and perfectly balanced. I personally love chuncky guac and this particular dish had just the right amount of kick to it! I also love when Guac comes with multicolored chips, somehow it makes me feel healthier? haha!

Next was Chipotle chicken skewers, cucumber avocado & red onion salad (As you know, I HATE cucumbers so I picked around them for this dish.) The chicken was so tender and juicy, loved this dish and would definitely request this without cucumber next time.

Main: Local red snapper Veracruz: Propably my favorite dish we had. If you like seafood, I highly recommend this dish!

Decadent: Grilled corn, jalapeno mayo & cojita cheese if you’re feeling indulgent this was delightful! I ate it all because, I had to… for you. I hope you appreciate it. Jeez.

Dessert: Mexican Coke Float… Make sure to bring your own straw for this one because it’s hard to drink without one and you don’t want to kill a seaturtle!


All in all, I would highly recommend Agaveros! I think they did a really good job with atmosphere, cohesion and of course the menu. I really like how light and airy it feels and I love any place with good guacamole. On top of the delicious food, the presentation is insta-worthy and the staff is friendly, accomodating, and knowledgable. I’ll definietly go back!

Only thing they could do better would be to stop offering plastic straws unless requested. #strawssuck.

Huge thanks to the Gates Hotel and staff of Agaveros for hosting us!

Thank you for reading!



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