Adidas Classic Shell Toe


Shot by Omar Merced

I personally loved the nineties and the label whores who came with it. I loved my Calvin Klein crop top and mom jeans and tattoo chokers. I loved shell toe sneakers and pigtail buns and now that they’re all back it’s fun trying to mesh my love for tacky 90’s trends with my adulthood’s much more curated and matured style. I found a nice middle ground with this look, I think. In my opinion the key to not looking costume-y and keeping it current is to blend trends, if your outfit is full 90’s, maybe your hair and makeup aren’t and vice-versa. Modern accessories also help, like this Boy Bag which didn’t exist in the 90’s. Cat eye shades are nothing new but this oversized style is much more modern than the tiny colored lenses of the 90’s or the small exaggerated style of the 50’s and 60’s.

As with all fashion you should feel good and it shouldn’t be taken too seriously, fashion is meant to be personal and fun so fuck what they think and wear what you like.

With love from Delray Beach,

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Top: Rapsodielle. Skirt: Rapsodielle.
Shoes: Adidas. Shades: Prada. Bag: Chanel.

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  1. I’m loving 90’s trends too! You’re right about mixing something modern into the look to keep it from looking too dated though – that Chanel is perfect!

    Arielle from Casual ‘n Couture

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