5 Trendy bags that are on SALE

5 Trendy bags that are on SALE:

Guess what? Shopbop is having a huge SALE so I rounded up some of my favorite trendy handbags included in the SALE to share with you! Click the icons above to shop!

The top two I think are dead ringers for the Gucci bag Elizabeth is wearing in my Girlfriends post. I picked it up in silver!

The flower backpack is what Coachella dreams are made of.. it’s pricey but the sale helps!

The Scalloped tote is a dupe for a very cute Kate Spade tote and is affordable even without the sale.

Denim is a huge trend right now and I have been eyeballing Sheryl Luke’s denim YSL. This Pillip Lim version is more cost effective and the sale makes it another on of the bags on this list which I purchased myself! So CUTE!

Lastly, I feel bad calling this a “trendy” item because it’s always a trendy item which makes it a classic. And classic bags are always a score.

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