5 Minute Makeup When You are Running LATE

5 Minute Makeup When You are Running LATE:

I was raised running late, heck I was even 10 days late being born. So I had to learn how to do my makeup quickly. These are my tips!


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Foundation: Georgio Armani Luminous Silk
Foundation Brush: It Cosmetics, c.o
Undereye Concealer: It Cosmetics, c/o
Powder: Givenchy
Powder Brush:  It Cosmetics
Contour: Bare Minerals (Neutral Tan)
Travel Kabuki: Eco Tools
Blush: It Cosmetics, c/o
Blush brush: It Cosmetics, c/o
Brow Pencil: It Cosmetics, c/o
Liner: It Cosmetics, c/o
Shadow: MAC (Omega)
Mascara: Givenchy
Curler: Tweezerman.
Hair: Bellami (Use code kier for a discount.)

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  1. So helpful I’ve been courious about bare minerals do you have a post/blog/video about makeup must haves? IG @cillafornelli

  2. @minimissalexis

    Absolutely love all the tips you gove always and your overall style. Ever since the show The eyeliner is the one thing I can’t make look so perfect for the life of me though. And that setting power I have been using for a long and love it.

  3. This is great! I work from home so when I have to get ready I’m always rushing after work. I will def use the tip on spritzing water on the makeup brush! Genius!

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