10 Reasons to Watch #RKOBH

OK, I recently watched the Rick Kids of Beverly Hills Season 1 in like one night, and here are the top 10 reasons to watch #RKOBH, why I personally love this show and will be watching tonight at 10 on E! for the season 2 premiere…

#1 True friendships… Some reality shows feature a group that has maybe two people who have really been friends for a while, maybe they all just met- but the RKOBH are genuine friends who have known each other for YEARS… That, I love… you can buy a Birkin but you can’t buy a true friend who will call you out on your shit and poke fun at you, yet always be there for you.

#2 Morgan Stewart… I totally have a girl crush on this girl. When Season 1, episode 1 starts playing on your TWC On Demand (full first season available now) hopefully you’ll laugh as hard as I do. Right off the bat Morgan seams to be in on the joke. Morgan and Dorthy are complaining about the walk from Barney’s up Rodeo Drive and Morgan quickly self deprecates herself by pointing out that her boob sweat is forming a puddle… gross and hilarious. It would be so much easier to hate this bitch if she took herself seriously, but she laughs at herself and clearly knows she is extremely privileged and somehow brags the absolute least on the show- almost to the point that farther in the season there is an awkward 5 second scene seemingly staged by producers to show off what she bought that day.. #notnecessary #kthanks.

Another reason I LOVE Morgan is that she is a blonde blogger and seams to give a shit about being funny and smart instead of rich and pretty.. (She cares about that a little too, but she clearly has a slight chip on her shoulder and a need to prove that she is clever and witty, which I share). Some people may think that Morgan is a bitch, but she’s just very honest and real, I completely relate to her.. Morgan’s blog Boobsandloubs.com is a fitting name since this gal has “Over 200 pairs of Louboutins” and a naturally large chest. Yes, naturally HUGE tits… which I hate her for (not really)… but she does bitch about her nose here and there, so hopefully I have her beat in that realm. ;) (oh, she also hates working-out and thinks opening wine is the hardest thing in the world- she is just so funny and likable in my opinion! …maybe I can teach her a little something on the wine opening front since I am a pro)

#3 They tip well… Later on in Season 1, its revealed that Roxy once called Dorthy a “cheap billionaire” because she wanted to itemize a bill… okay, we don’t know the circumstances there, however in Episode 1, she tips 10K on a 30K bill, and as a former cocktail server, I can dig that- that doesn’t seam cheap to me…  “You can’t really put a price on a great night out, memories that you’re going to have forever” – Dorthy says, and, I get this.

#4 Don’t take them seriously… if you take them too seriously you could easily hate them.. don’t. They’re JOKING, it’s entertainment, laugh and enjoy it. Morgan doesn’t really think that “opening wine is the hardest thing in the world”, she’s joking, she’s being dramatic and playing a roll- it’s humor.

#5 Don’t be a hater… I’ve been reading “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” and one of the points that it makes is that if you subconsciously hate on, or try to bring down wealthy people, that you’ll never become a rich person because your subconscious thinks that it’s bad, gross, greedy or whatever to be a wealthy person… so the book recommends you congratulate, wish well on, and be happy for rich and successful people. So, anyway… I think that loving these people, and finding humor and cuteness has been good for me.. honestly.. I feel happier somehow after watching them just enjoy life and admit how great their lives are.. Not being appreciative of your life, not knowing you’re blessed with amazing health and friends would make me dislike someone, but that’s not the case with this crew… they know they’re blessed and seem to genuinely appreciate life.

#6 Social Awareness… this show has brought to our generation’s attention – or at least to my attention that the FDA bans gay men to donate blood, and with farther research, I found out that the National Blood Drive is now fighting the FDA due to this ban. The ban originated when there was no quick way to test for HIV and AIDS, clearly now, thats not the case, and the ban still exists which in my opinion is a huge social issue we all need to be aware of.

#7 The word Cunt…. Roxy loves the word “cunt”, and little known fact about me, I also love the word “cunt”- and for almost the same reason Roxy likes it, because people don’t expect it from her, it’s shocking, and it’s vulgar. I love it. Roger hates it, but sometimes I feel like I need to shut people up, and the use of the word “cunt” can help me out.

#8 They hate Santa Monica. So do I… ’nuff said.. ugh… it’s so fucking annoying to get to, the traffic sucks, the people are so high and mighty, they think they’re so much better than Hollywood people, and the weather sucks… it’s like always 10 degrees colder than Hollywood. Apparently the Rich Kids agree, somehow validating my long distain of SM.

#9 They have a fucking drink… It’s not a dry show, and they’re not shy about drinking and having fun… I’m not advocating drinking all the time, but newsflash, #faladrinks! I drink and I feel like the anti drinking campaign I feel in pop culture today is so annoying.. why do we all need to be sensitive to people who can’t control themselves.. and why are responsible adults ashamed of having a public drink? When did drinking at a party become taboo?

#10 They’re trying… Later in the season it’s pretty clear that they all do want to live their own lives and stop living off their parents. Roxy starts pursuing an interior design career, Morgan really puts work into her blog and Dorthy gives Real Estate a shot.

I love this show because of the relationships and the fabulousness, I’m sure they’ll try to stir up drama in season 2, which in my opinion is unnecessary, just let them have fun and be fabulous… I guess maybe I am just one of the few people who doesn’t thrive on drama.

I can’t wait to tune in tonight at 10 on E! This show makes me laugh! And, no, this is not a sponsored post- I just get a kick out of this show and I’m not even much of a reality show person.. Let me know in the comments if you plan to watch or if you watch and what you think!

Thanks for reading!

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