Full Face First Impressions Makeup

Foundation: It Cosmetics, c/o.
Undereye Concealer: It Cosmetics, c/o.
Contour Palate: BH Cosmetics, c/o.
Powder: It Cosmetics c/o.
Eyebrow Pencil: Benefit c/o.
Blush: It Cosmetics c/o.
Liquid Highlight: ELF c/o.
Eyeshadow Palate: AVON c/o.
Liquid Eyeliner: It Cosmetics c/o.
Mascara and Mascara: Givenchy.
Lipstick: AVON c/o.

Full Face First impressions:

Hi yall, so I’m sorry my videos have been totally sporadic. I am looking for a video editor to help me make this more regular as I just get really overwhelmed with video. This is also the reason the Closet tour hasn’t gone live, that, and I’m still waiting for our chandelier┬áto be hung and for the mirror to be converted into an opening jewelry box! So my goal is for it to go live mid-January, I know that seems like a long way away but I promise it’ll be worth it!

So for this video, you’ll find all products linked above! I hope you enjoy!


P.S. Shopbop is having a huge sale!! I just bought this bag for only $75!!

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