All About my Bellami Extensions

I’m visiting family and have limited internet so I’m going to leave you with this video about my new Bellami extensions, leave me any questions in the comments section and remember you can use the discount code: FASHIONADDICT for a discount on extensions over $160.

I made this video to help other girls ordering Bellami extensions, all opinions are my own, this is not a paid or sponsored video.

Just to clarify: My first set was gifted by Bellami, the second set purchased with my own money, the third set was purchased by a friend and given to me, and this set was gifted by Bellami.

Dress: Michelle Jonas
Hair: Bellami 20″ 260g Lilly Hair in Ash Blonde
Use Code: FASHIONADDICTĀ for a discount on extensions over $160.

Disclaimer: Please understand that this video is to show how I do my hair, not to be misinterpreted as advice.
The best way to get blended and color matched is to visit a professional.

Thanks for reading!

With love from Hollywood,


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